New generation is bigger, more comfortable, technological and economical in maintenance
A leader in its segment for almost a decade and considered a classic by the Brazilian public, the Fiat Ducato 2018 comes to the market totally renovated. It is larger and more modern, offering more comfort, economy, space, quality and technology. The model is highly versatile and perfectly suited to meet the demands of multiple conveyor profiles, with larger volumes with lower maintenance and operating costs. The new Ducato brings an even wider range, adapting to the most diverse needs, whether for transportation of goods, people or base for transformations.
In total, there will be 13 versions, three cargo vans (plus two ambulances), called Cargo, four passengers (plus one with wheelchair access), called Minibus, two Multi, ideal for transformations, for example, and the new Chassiversion, which will introduce the Ducato in the strong segment of cargo transportation and various implementations. The novelty was possible due to a design innovation, which incorporates a wider chassis and integrated rear bumper. Among the body sizes, there is the unprecedented option Extra Long, 6.35 m long, available in the Minibus and Multi configurations.The Fiat Ducato 2018 will be available from February in six colors: Black, Red, White, Silver, Gray and blueThe model is even more beautiful. The front expresses functionality and style with its modern lines that evoke the aerodynamic solutions of the high-speed trains, featuring wide windshield, smaller hood, large front bumper and which joins the side moldings and innovative headlights in a more high. The result is a daring and stylish looking set. The design of the side with protective friezes throughout the extension expresses robustness and, at the same time, fluidity in the lines.

The Fiat Ducato 2018 has also become more practical. Side access is even easier with the solutions adopted for sliding doors. The new sliding guides at the top facilitate movement and allow the door to run more smoothly. New ergonomic handles still offer an excellent handling condition and facilitate opening with the right or left hand. Rear bumper integrated in the sides and with a non-slip metallic platform to climb in the loading area, also facilitate entry into the vehicle. In addition, the rear doors have friezes at the bottom for shock protection, allow 270 ° opening (standard on all versions) thanks to the new hinges and are higher, facilitating the shipment of large volumes. The floor is also lower (47.4 cm from the ground),With all the enlarged dimensions, the model has more space for the driver, passengers and cargo. The New Ducato is 16 cm longer in the versions with short wheelbase, 26 cm larger in the middle wheelbase and is 34.5 cm longer in the long wheelbase. The new model also grew in height: with the low ceiling gains up to 10 cm and with a high ceiling, 5 cm. The Fiat Ducato 2018 is still 6 inches wider than before. It also has an extra 7 cm in the rear width and 9 cm in the front, providing a 15% increase in the loading area, in addition to the maximum authorized weight of 250 kg in the glazed versions, Multi and Minibus – reaching 3,750 kg.
The new generation of the Ducato also brings more economy in maintenance. The structure of the body, the side members and the wings are modular and allow wide use of the components in different versions, reducing parts replacement costs and facilitating replacement. With a completely new, more secure, robust and rational platform, the torsional and flexural rigidity of the body has increased, keeping in the front the deformity programmed to absorb energy in the event of a collision and to protect the passenger compartment, in addition to reducing to the maximum the parts to be replaced in small beats, thus reducing repair costs.

Cabin: more well-being to work

The new measures also ensured greater comfort in the cab, an important factor for drivers who spend long periods inside the vehicle. The ergonomic comfort of those who drive or travel results in a new combination of space and position for driving, being one of the highlights of the new Fiat Ducato. The completely renovated cabin is designed to be cozy and brings more space for people and objects, greater visibility and more functionality.To incorporate these characteristics, the major changes occurred in the length of the cab, which is larger and has a lot of useful space, in the characteristics of the driver’s seat in relation to the height of the ground, distance from the ceiling and greater inclination of the headrest and in the steering angle obtained thanks to a different angulation of the steering column. Another highlight is the view of the cab, which has been extended to the front and back, due to the large windshield, the steering position, the new side window design, the new door and of the large dimensions of the mirrors. In addition, the Fiat Ducato 2018 has a rear camera system.The new cab is still quieter (up to 5 dB compared to competitors) and has less vibration due to changes in suspensions, engine, body, materials and sound insulation treatment. This provides more comfort and safety for the driver in the work cycle. Other innovations include the four-spoke soft-foam steering wheel with audio-control optionsso the driver does not need to move his hands, the dashboard with multifunctional on-board computer and the panel divided into modules with a more organized and clear view. The air conditioning system has also been improved, with the airbox resized, the diffusers better distributed and the condenser bigger, resulting in faster and more efficient operation.

Mechanics: evolutions in all aspectsThe mechanical assembly of the New Ducato also received important news. The gearbox has gained the sixth gear to further exploit the characteristics of the 2.3-liter turbodiesel, which has also evolved and is stronger and more efficient. Officially called F1A and produced by FPT Industrial in SeteLagoas (MG), it gained 3 hp of power and 5 Nm of torque, now developing 130 hp at 3,600 rpm and 320 Nm at 1,800 rpm. With the new transmission, the engine regimen is better adjusted for streets and roads, the vehicle becomes easier and enjoyable to drive, consumes less and consequently has lower emissions. This is proven in practice, with a reduction of up to 10% in diesel consumption compared to the previous model. Added to the increase of 10 liters in the fuel tank (totaling 90 liters),The F1A is equipped with the EGR system, which recirculates exhaust gases and is the best solution available to keep emissions within the limits set by the Proconve L6 / Euro 5 standards. In this way there is no need to use the Arla 32, which – coupled with low fuel consumption – makes the cost of the engine one of the lowest in the categorySafety: high level of equipmentWhen it comes to a commercial vehicle, another important point is the suspension, which determines the maximum permissible axle loads, to get the ground height adjusted for the load platform, to limit tire wear and to provide more stability and comfort. Thus, the front suspension of the Fiat Ducato 2018 has independent wheels and a completely new crosspiece attached to the body. The rear has springs fixed to the body and has rigid axle and longitudinal springs calibrated according to each version and its type of characteristic use. The in-depth study to tailor the vehicle’s suspension to Brazilian floor conditions also provided a 30% reduction in tire wear, positively impacting vehicle maintenance costs. Besides that,
The New Ducato also comes with disc brakes on all four wheels with ABS and air bags for driver and passengers on the seat bench. There is also the Hill Holder, an assistant for ramp starting that prevents the car from moving in the exits in steep sections, avoiding collisions, and acts in parking maneuvers in climbs or descents.

Mopar: simplifying the customer’s life
With the launch of the Fiat Ducato 2018, Mopar brings to its customers solutions in products and services to meet the needs of each customer, with predictability of costs.
Amongst the products, Mopar is distinguished by the 29 accessories specially developed for the Ducato – the largest list in the category, bringing solutions in comfort, safety and functionality for customers’ daily routine. Some of the main items are the LED lighting of the cargo bay, the rear-view mirror with a rear camera and the removable trailer hitch. Mopar also acts strongly in the development and technical validation of designs for special vehicles, such as mobile pet shop and food truck, to cite two examples.
In the service sector, the highlight is the Mopar Vehicle Protection program, which is made up of four cores that aim to bring intelligent and flexible options. They are: Extended Warranty (only in category) up to 2 years, full or partial; Review under Measure, with packages of two to five scheduled reviews; Convenience Services, which includes tabulated maintenance packages and 24-hour Assistance, extending the benefits of towing, mechanical rescue and complementary services. All solutions have closed prices, available to both individuals and companies, regardless of the number of vehicles, thus bringing a welcome predictability to the management of maintenance of the New Ducato.


With the occasion of the celebration of the Salon of Hannover 2018, that ends today in Germany, Fiat presented an interesting novelty. This is the Fiat Fullback Concept. The ‘surname’ Concept is due to the fact that it is a unique copy, whose creation was possible thanks to the collaborations maintained by the Italian brand.
Fiat got together with the specialists of Garage Italia Customs and where Lapo Elkann played a relevant role. This pick-up, which is based on the successful Mitsubishi L200, has become more luxurious, exclusive and flashy.
The exterior features a bicolor body where the body is painted metallic green, contrasting with the ceiling, some pillars and the carcasses of the mirrors in bronze. The door knobs show a chrome finish. Nor do they overlook the 17-inch Black Matt alloy wheels wheeled off-road tiresIn relation to the interior the preparador chose to remove the tapestry of series installing a new padding with brown leather ‘Vintage Elmo’. The door panels and the panel were also subject to change.As far as the mechanical part is concerned, nothing has been reported, so there is certainly nothing new. Therefore, under the hood of this interesting Fiat Fullback is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, generating 181 hp and 430 Nm of maximum torque, coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission and a full-traction system.During his presentation Fiat ensured that, getting a good acceptance from the media and the public, there is the possibility of taking the model to production, at least in a limited way. Anyway, it is necessary to wait and if it does not get to be marketed by the Italian brand, it is always possible to resort to the staff of Garage Italia Customs to make it come true.

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